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Lodi Discount Cigarette Store is a licensed cigarette smoke store. At Lodi Discount Cigarette Store, you will find a variety of products from Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Hookahs, Accessories, to Sunglasses, Caps, Gift Items, T-Shirts, Ice Cream, Energy Drinks, and More. We carry a variety of new and old brands, such as Marlboro, Phillies, Time and others. We have all flavors at the lowest prices.

Serving Lodi, CA.

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Electronic Cigarettes,Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Hookahs,Sunglasses, Caps, Gift Items, T-Shirts, Ice Cream, Energy Drinks

Red River Tobacco $12.99 + Tax
16 oz.
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504 W. Lockegord St.
Lodi CA 95240
Phone: (209) 367-5736

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Phone: (209) 367-5736

Email: gillrajbir77@yahoo.com

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Monday-Saturday: 08:00AM-07:30PM
Sunday: 09:00AM-06:00PM

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Lodi Discount Cigarette Store

Electronic cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, pipes, hookahs, accessories, sunglasses, caps, gift items, t-shirts, ice cream, energy drinks, and more.
Call: (209) 367-5736

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